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Treadwell ACCESS SYSTEMS – Grating, Handrails & Ladders

The safe access and passage located in elevated areas, confined spaces or in areas that are exposed to corrosion are considered as one of the biggest challenges faced by industries globally. It was in the early 1990s that Treadwell identified the limitations of the materials used in existing structures as well as the multitudes of new options and solutions that were continuously offered in the market, and decided to champion fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) due to its flexibility, durability and non-corrosive nature.

Treadwell’s ACCESS SYSTEMS are designed and engineered from FRP composites and features a robust, lightweight, non-conductive as well as non-corrosive solution to face the many challenges across industries. Because of our exceptionally versatile designs, Treadwell’s EX-Series® Handrails, EX-Series® Grating and EX-Series® Ladders have emerged as ideal options to solve whatever access challenge at hand and in whichever environment. The implementation of our ACCESS SYSTEMS will ensure that our clients enjoy greater asset longevity, lower maintenance costs and remarkably effortless installation.

The advantages of these FRP made structures have been experienced in a multitude of sectors around the world and thus saving departments and organisations significant amounts in install, maintenance and repair budgets. Public infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, marine and industrial processing are just a few of the industries that are currently utilising Treadwell’s FRP ACCESS SYSTEMS to realise their own substantial economic advantage.

The Treadwell ACCESS SYSTEMS range

EX-Series® FRP Grating

For use in a multitude of environments where the non-slip grating may be subjected to continuous spills, electrical dangers, fumes, splashes or submersions, EX-Series® FRP Grating is the ideal choice. In such challenging environments, FRP grating will exceed the performance of standard traditional grating options. Our FRP grating is available in standard panels or can be customised to specification.

RailEX® FRP Handrails

To fulfill the growing demand of a handrail system that does not require any maintenance, installed easily and can withstand any given weather condition, RailEX® FRP handrails provides a strong case. RailEX® FRP handrails have been designed and developed as a safe and dependable handrail system that conforms to AS 1657-1992.

EX-Series® RailEX® FRP handrails are available in the following profiles:

EX-Series® FRP Access Ladders

EX-Series® FRP Access Ladders are considered as the best alternatives to cage systems and conventional metallic ladders as they provide the full benefits of FRP including exceptional corrosion resistance as well as electrical transparency.

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