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The EX-Series® StormChief® system is the optimal maritime grating fixing system offering wave zone rating. Developed as an extension of Treadwell’s range of grating products which already commands outstanding performance in offshore applications, StormChief® has proved to be the ideal solution for fixing grating to structural members in destructive wave zone areas.

And since StormChief® utilises heavy-duty underside clamps, the system disposes of the hassle of doing up nuts on the underside of grating, as well as any chance of corrosion with a range of insulating options also available ensuring the contact from dissimilar metal parts will not encroach on the integrity of the substructure surface coating.

StormChief DISC®

The StormChief DISC® is an extremely durable and secure grating fastening system intended for use in destructive wave zone areas. The DISC® is designed to be used when the width of a walkway or deck area exceeds 1200mm or requires securing in situations where the applications of the CLAW® system are not practical to be installed. The DISC® is recessed to ensure safe and secure pathway of all types of traffic accessing the area. Used in conjunction with the StomChief® underside clamp, it facilitates simple, fast and robust installation.

StormChief CLAMP®

The StormChief CLAMP® is a sturdy stainless steel clamping bracket that is designed to meet and exceed the requirements of extreme wave zone loadings. The StormChief CLAMP® is an exceptional clamping system designed by Treadwell to continuously join two sheets of grating along a single edge. This clip is easily recessed into the grating to ensure minimal trip hazard, making it ideal for public access areas that are subject to harsh coastal conditions.

StormChief CLAW®

The StormChief CLAW® is a heavy duty 316 stainless steel grating fixing bracket that is designed for wave zone areas. With integrated fingers that protrude into the grating aperture, the StormChief CLAW® provides firm fastening in even the harshest of coastal conditions. This system is also designed to be utilised with the StomChief® underside clamp.

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