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Our Product

FRP Phenolic Grating


P-Series® phenolic grating is an optimal option for sectors with high fire risks and where there is a need to prevent smoke from developing. Through the most advanced production equipment and the use of the highest quality raw materials, Treadwell has developed this unique range of leading offshore composite grating. EX-Series® Phenolic Grating, which boasts US Coast Guard approval, is acceptable for use in areas and applications as outlined in the US Coast Guard Safety Manual Vol III.

Characteristics of Phenolic Grating

Strength of Steel in Composites

With the added benefit of spanning up to 70% more than that of equivalent size standard steel grating, EX-Series® Phenolic Grating is definitely the stronger of the two materials. Furthermore, P-Series® will not yield and will revert to its original shape when design loads are exceeded.

Easy Installation

Unlike steel, fibreglass phenolic grating is not that heavy. Rather, it is due to the light-weighted nature of the item that it could be installed manually without any sort of difficulty.

Safe Anti-Slip Surface

The EX-Series® grating systems have load bars that are much broader than metal grating. Thus, users would not find the structures fatiguing like steel bars nor acutely sharp like serrated surfaces.

Resistant to fire and impact

The fibreglass phenolic grating from Treadwell’s EX-Series® is laminated or coated by phenolic that is rich in resin and could provide utmost protection from fire and heat, ensuring amazing strengths.

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