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At Treadwell Group, we live our vision of being at the forefront of shaping mindsets and economies with the comprehensive performance and efficiency of composite product solutions globally. The way we work and act reflect upon this vision. We are a progressive and people-oriented company that is committed to provide long term solutions and maintenance cost savings to all of our customers, regardless of size or industry. Hence, we seek like-minded individuals to share the responsibility of improving the positioning of our clients.

Our Values and Culture

With an aim to proceed on the ladder of growth, our values are structured around:

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Constant Innovation
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Safety

With these set principles, we step ahead on the way of excellence and we help individuals like you to develop and grow with us.

Cultural Diversity

At Treadwell, we identify, respect and embrace cultural diversity. We also undertake as well as integrate policies and strategies to promote the concept of cultural diversity, forming the positive force in the life of the company.

Life at Treadwell Group

Ours is an adaptive and competent national company. We hire exceptional individuals who want the opportunity to make their mark in this industry. Here, our employees know how we run based on our corporate values. Treadwell, in turn, recognises that success equates to different things for different individuals – from climbing the leadership ladder to sorting out the perfect work-life balance. Regardless of how success is defined, teamwork is a big part of life at Treadwell; encouraging open and free expression of ideas. We work alongside proactive thinkers from many backgrounds who are eager to advance mindsets and economies.

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