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Harness The Power Of Engineered Composites With Treadwell

Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP) is the revolutionary construction material that has untapped potential to reach out into uncharted territories. Its exceptional benefits provide higher returns unmatched by homogenous products or metallic alternatives, with the added advantage of leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the environment.

Treadwell has been applying excellent engineering strategies and design tactics since 1994 to extend both time and cost-efficient solutions to our clients across the globe.

As we grow from strength to strength over the decades, we have further established our speciality in FRP and provide a diverse range of access and structural solutions that are increasingly being used in waste water treatment plants, public infrastructure, marine, rail, utilities and mineral sectors to name a few.

We keep abreast of the competition and adapt in the ever-changing and demanding FRP industry. We actively pursue for techniques that allow us to create quality FRP solutions, which, in turn, help save time and money, and remain ‘Innovators of FRP Technology’.

We cultivate a strong culture of innovation and resourcefulness so that we can implement complete ‘Fit & Forget’ solutions.

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Treadwell encourages individuals to look beyond, plan and consider the future rather than react – to achieve growth and success through education, best practices and innovation.


To continually have an obligation towards improvement in our tasks and the stakeholders around us.


We strive to make the best of everything in the most efficient and cost effective way. We need to adapt and show self initiated behaviour to be successful.

With these compelling principles guiding us every step of the way to excellence, we can help corporations and individuals like you to develop and flourish.


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