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FRP Grating


Treadwell has evolutionised the GridEX® pultruded FRP grating range for specific applications, in particular where conventional fibreglass grating systems cannot be utilised effectively. The GridEX® pultruded FRP grating range comprises of options such as the selection of open space, cross-rod placement, bar shape, custom fabrication, custom colour, and resin. The “I” bar shape offers utmost flexibility in a grating design. On the other hand, “T” bar shape creates a sturdier and more solid surface that prevents objects catching in between the load bars. The pultruded FRP bar type profile is specifically designed to handle heavy wheel traffic like truck traffic, tow motors and fork lifts.

The composite we use in GridEX® pultruded FRP grating is approximately 35% lighter than aluminium and 75% the weight of steel. As a result, it makes the handling and installing processes easier. Being manufactured from pultruded FRP, Gridex® grating can be easily cut onsite using simple hand tools. Unlike metal grating, no ‘hot-work’ tools like grinders or torches are required as well.

GridEX® gratings are commonly offered in 25 mm, 38 mm and 50 mm depths.

Anti-Slip Surface A very hard-wearing surface with an extremely good coefficient of friction (NATA laboratory test report available) – commonly used in industrial applications. Unlike serrated steel grating, the anti-slip surface does not impact on load carrying capacity.

Ribbed Surface This non-stock option is very often utilised for applications where high strength covered floors are required. The system is supplied with Checkerplate or Anti-Slip surface bonded to every load bar to ensure performance is maintained in harsh environments.

Covered Surface This is the preferred surface for environments where by-products are commonly caught by serrations, and is hence very often utilised in the food industry. This surface option can also be utilised for wet areas and wash down applications.

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