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Our Product



Our FRP cable ladder systems are equipped with required fittings like tee sections, cross sections, internal and external bends of different degree (45o and 90 o), horizontal bends, couplers, anchoring, reducers and support systems. Treadwell’s FRP cable ladder systems are lightweight, fireproof, non-corrosive, and chemical & UV ray resistant. As a result, they are more durable compared to traditional ladder systems.

Sample System


FRP Instrumentation Trays

The products are capable of enduring light single wiring systems and light loads of pneumatic tubing systems. We construct and supply both solid and ventilated trays with pre-assembled fittings with pre-drilled straight sections. This allows faster installation and uninterrupted daily operation onsite.

FRP Covers

Our FRP covers are made from top quality FRP composites. As a result, they boast a statistical design life of 50 years and more. The FRP covers can stand over 2 million fatigue attacks on average. Cover options include the clamp-less flat cover, peaked cover and flat cover.

FRP Splice Plates

Our splice plates are available in both horizontal and vertical degree sections. We also offer the accompanying accessories separately. We construct both flat and peaked covers. These plates are non-conductive and do not react on electric and magnetic fields.

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