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FRP Stair Treads


The Treadwell range of FRP Stair Treads features both opened and closed surface options and a selection of surface patterns, colour and leading edge nosing options. All GratEX® and MoultrEX® premium and standard Stair Tread options are moulded with the solid leading edge nosing as joint single stage component. This increases the rigor and sturdiness of the entire leading edge ensuring dependable performance in high traffic situations. All the treads with abrasive leading edge nosings are manufactured to conform to AS 1657 – 2018.

Generally, stringer bracket assemblies are made from metal which require corrosion inhibiting coatings occasionally to slightly extend its life span. It is typical for stair tread mounting brackets to be drilled in situ after this coating has been applied, thus lowering the first line of defense against corrosion. It is also common for stringer brackets to be constructed of lighter walled material than other adjacent componentry.

Our stair tread kits are a superior replacement for originally specified equipment in many instances as well as having been chosen as a long life and cost saving alternative to metallic systems for numerous uses. All EX-Series® resin systems can be applied to our Stair Treads which are supplied standard with four M-Clips. Treads can be supplied assembled ready for installation or dispatched ready for assembly onsite. Likewise, stringer support brackets can be supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes if needed.

The GratEX® and MoultrEX® Stair Tread nosings are typically stocked in colours that contrast the primary tread colour by 30% as per AS 1657 – 2018. This ensures maximum visual awareness of the stair treads forward edge for the stairways and consequently improving OHS safety ratings.

To significantly reduce the safety risks associated with elevated work areas or walkways, Treadwell recommends that leading edge nosings are specified when ordering GratEX® and MoultrEX® Stair Treads.

NOTE: A bearing surface of at least 40mm is recommended at either side of GratEX® and MoultrEX® Stair Treads. Compliance with AS 1657 – 2018 requires a tread depth of > 225mm.

GratEX® landings are also an integral part of Treadwell’s extensive range of offerings. These landings are custom made for each and every application. They greatly enhance visibility and reduce the wear commonly seen on landings immensely. GratEX® landings combine the durable and lasting non-slip properties, and the resilience to corrosion with the proven long term cost advantages of GratEX® Stair Treads to create a very viable solution in the long run.

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