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Our Product

Odour Control & Tank Covers


EcoEX™ FRP odour control and tank covers are a unique engineered system that is designed to contain particulate, odours and corrosive gases over tanks and equipment. Treadwell’s FRP odour control and tank covers comes in 3 panel styles – SureLine® and SureLine® HD. Both are manufactured from high quality fibreglass resins of your choice or as advised. Both panel types contain odour emitting from their origin. The volatile organic compounds (VOCs) emitting the odours are trapped, thus resulting in a capable odour containment system.

Our offerings for SureLine ® come in the form of:

Some Applications of SureLine® Tank Covers

  • Inlet Works and Screening Areas
  • Headworks & Grit Covers
  • Clarifiers
  • Aeration & Equalisation
  • Sludge & Gravity Thickeners
  • Filtrate Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Process Tanks
  • Balance Tanks
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