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Our Product

FRP Grating


Treadwell’s first ever open mesh grating, MoultrEX® FRP moultruded grating, has effectively combined the excellent abilities of pultrusions with the greater performance values of fibreglass moulded grating. This incredible amalgamation has been attained by the implementation of pultrusions within a product’s load bars and has the advantage of having greater amounts of glass than previously seen. This revolutionary material has been increasingly used to satisfy the needs and demands of both industrial and pedestrian applications.

Moultrex® Surface Options

Anti-Slip Standard Surface

This surface is implemented vastly in industrial applications. In accordance with the NATA laboratory test reports, the structure is hard wearing and has great coefficient of friction. Unlike serrated steel, this anti-slip surface does not affect load carrying capacity.

Concave Surface

This surface is ideal for environments where the by-products are captured often by serrations. Hence, it is quite often utilised in food industries. These surfaces are can also be fixed as a guarding option in order to enable safe handling or contact.

This functional hybrid of GridEX® pultrusion and GratEX® moulded systems is lighter than other metallic alternatives. MoultrEX® is not just capable of bearing high loads but also upholding the strong resistance to corrosive chemicals and elements.

The products are visually appealing and ideally suited for public settings where both smaller apertures meet compliance requirements but a higher level of finish is called for.

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