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FRP Handrails


The RailEX® FRP handrail system is a patented industrial rated product that is noted for its durability, strength, and versatility. Further, Treadwell’s FRP handrail system has multiple uses in many industries and markets, and can be tailored to meet the requirements of our clients. Treadwell can deliver RailEX® as components or as prefabricated systems for immediate installation.


Treadwell’s FRP handrail system is much better than the conventional welded alternatives simply because the design does not require the same level of engineering, drafting, or onsite fabrication. This in turns lowers installation as well as maintenance costs. Treadwell’s safety handrail systems can be adapted or extended with additional components or cut to size on-site. Pre-engineered kits are supplied as a series of components with simple assembly instructions. With our clients in mind, Treadwell aims to minimise the cost of maintenance and repairs, and damaged components with easily with spare parts, available ex-stock.


RailEX® is assembled via a zero weld method of putting the system together; this greatly lowers the chances of corrosion. The designs, as well as RailEX® fittings, require basic skills and excludes the need to seek specialist trades, fire spotters, hot works permits and welding protection. FRP increases the safety factor by waiving toxic fumes, welding in wet areas and fire risk hazards. These features help us to offer a better safety handrail system for all uses.

Treadwell’s FRP handrails are available both in square and round profiles:


Developed together with the consult of designers and plan operators, Treadwell offers you all the benefits of a traditional guardrail system without the fundamental issues such as corrosion, wielding and the need for hot works permits for onsite modifications. Our exceptional safety fibreglass handrail systems are a first to be tested and conformed to the Australian Standard AS 1657 – 2018. Their characteristics include resistance to corrosion, non-conductive properties, customised fabrication and a long but minimal maintenance based life span.

With the flexibility to supply the handrail as components or modulated panels to suit your exact requirements, RailEX® is definitely the “fit and forget” safety fibreglass handrail system.

Materials of Construction

RailEX® FRP handrail is constructed from fiberglass rovings combined with a blend of thermosetting resin systems. All of the resins used in the production of EX-Series® products contain UV inhibitors and fire retardant additives.


As part of Treadwell’s extensive range of corrosion resistant structural products, RailEX® offers the ideal handrail solution for harsh, destructive and chemical laden environments – both inside and out.

All products are manufactured from FRP and covered with two layers of UV-resistant coating which assures users that the structure will not breakdown due to any kind of exposure to external elements.

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