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Our Product

FRP Grating


The Treadwell HygiGR8® range has been specifically developed to cater to the needs of food and beverage processing industry. In order to streamline all the procedures that are primarily associated with cleaning and hygiene, HygiGR8®, Treadwell’s comprehensive and high-quality food grade grating solution was conceived and utilised during the development or renovation of food manufacturing facilities.


HygiGR8® is constructed by blending the characteristics of solid top and open grating. This resolves the hygiene issue of produce caught in between the grating and support members. The panels of HygiGR8® are carefully constructed such that the solid top section of customisable width around the edge of each panel is located so the beams that make up the substructure are covered by the solid band.

The grating system is produced from polyester resin of premium quality. This resin is tested to ensure that the food grade is met. Each panel is cured and washed with detergent before dispatch.

Treadwell assures that the HygiGR8® range of grating products can be used in all kinds of food and beverage processing industries when it is installed properly and maintained as an ergonomic anti-slip covering or walking surface. All the products meet the protocols as set by USDA for floor surfaces and can be tailored to fit any kind of floor plan.

HygiGR8® Surface Options

Anti-Slip Surface

A gritted and anti-slip surface should be utilised so that maximum traction is ensured, especially for those situations where it is wet and slippery. The structure has an amazing frictional coefficient and is durable as reported by the NATA lab test.

Concave Surface

The product is readily available as a concave surface. This ensures easy, fast and efficient cleaning especially in environments where the by-products remain entrapped between serrations. One must note that the anti-slip properties are not as emphasised as the gritted surfaces.

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