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With modern construction and limitations governing conditions and environments being tested constantly, Fibreglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) has set a precedence in the world as the material advances to resolve these concerns. Since 1994, Treadwell Group has grown to be one of the most accepted names in FRP solutions globally. Pursuing solutions in FRP composites for whatever challenge presented, we are always focused on our clients, introducing the benefits of FRP and our significant investment made in continual improvements to be a reliable source of information and strategic asset to all stakeholders.

Treadwell has full turnkey capability to deliver just about any FRP solution to our clients. Our centrally located Adelaide headquarters, together with our unrivaled distribution network across Australia and the region, and our commitment to quality and testing, allows our technical staff to provide engineering and design service and support anywhere. We also add value through our considerable international logistic channels in Asia, Oceania and the Americas. Currently, the group exists throughout Australia, China and Malaysia; with strategic alliances in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Treadwell’s strategic network of direct account managers and distribution centres offers solutions and availability of stock to a scope of industries and market sectors. Treadwell understands the FRP composite market and its environmental conditions and this has made it Australia’s leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of FRP solutions.

With the advantages of FRP, Treadwell’s solutions is aimed at addressing mindsets and industries on these benefits. With our growing experience in an extensive scope of demanding applications, including construction, public infrastructure, oil and gas, as well as marine and coastal environments, Treadwell is well prepared to specify the appropriate system and products every time.

Benefits of FRP

Benefits of FRP

Minimal maintenance free

Due to the nature of FRP, products manufactured from fibreglass is virtually maintenance free. Thus keeping the maintenance cost to considerably lower.

Provides long term costs benefits

The products from Treadwell offer a long design life as compared to other materials available in the market. They require minimum maintenance and have low maintenance cost.

Design Flexibility

The unique capabilities of conforming partial functionality to the use or application, ease to manufacture and to personalise shapes and aesthetics are just some of the key benefits that draw designers, engineers and architects to composite materials.

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