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SAFE-SERIES™ Industrial Anti-Slip Solutions


SAFE-SERIES™ is Treadwell’s selection of pre-manufactured and ready made for installation anti-slip products for harsh environments. Fabricated from FRP composites, anti-slip decks and rung covers are easy to install over existing stairs to create the toughest and most dependable anti-slip surface available.

The SAFE-SERIES™ product range offers a wide range of anti-slip solutions like decks and rung covers for numerous applications. Proven in many applications, the series is available in various styles and colours to suit any environment.

The products featured in Treadwell’s SAFE-SERIES™ to avert accidental slips and falls include:

  • Step coverings equipped with enhanced traction properties.
  • Anti-slip rungs and covers for ladders designed for safe treading.
  • Anti-slip glow for dark situations to prevent mishaps.
  • Multiple stair nosing options furnished with anti-slip properties.
  • Anti-slip deck plating.

Besides anti-slip options, the SAFE-SERIES™ also adopts anti-fatigue mapping.

Treadwell SAFE-SERIES™ consists of:


The products offered by StairSAFE® are long wearing, anti-corrosive and easy to install. They are designed to re-profile structures like the leading edge of the stairs.


The abrasive grit surface offered by RungSAFE® reduces the chance to slip down from access ladders, thus reducing serious injuries and damage. The surface of the rung covers and anti-slip deck are ideal for reducing slip issues, so not to damage the bare skin.


The products from DeckSAFE® like our anti-slip rung covers and decks are best for the ramps, catwalks, landings and slippery ramps. They are mainly designed to lower down the risk of slip in areas where there is oil, grease and other liquids present.


The FRP profiles offered by CableSAFE® create a safety walkway over the exposed areas with cables, conduit and the wires. With a long lasting anti-slip surface, CableSAFE® offers a safety bridge over these areas to avoid falls, trips and slips.

SAFE-SERIES™ Direct Grit

In the locations where covers are not applicable, the SAFE-SERIES™ Direct Grit is the main recommendation to apply the same lasting, safe anti-slip surface to your components for maximum protection.

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