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The Benefits of Using FRP for Corrosion Resistance in Cable Ducts

Understanding Corrosion Resistance in Cable Ducts

Corrosion resistance is a critical factor to consider when selecting cable ducts for industrial applications. Metallic cable ducts are susceptible to deterioration when exposed to moisture, chemicals, corrosive fumes among other elements. Corrosion can weaken the structural integrity of the ducts, leading to potential failures and safety hazards. This also incurs costs associated repairs, replacements and maintenance. 

EXduro™ FRP Cable Ducts and Peaked Covers installed in Point Wilson

Advantages of Choosing FRP Cable Ducts

Ensuring the installation of durable cable ducts is crucial in industrial settings. Cable ducts play a key role in managing and supporting electrical and communication cables, which are essential for transmitting power and data throughout the facility, ensuring the smooth operation of various equipment and systems. 

FRP cable ducts are lightweight and can be installed easily without the need for heavy machinery. This minimises costs associated with transport and labour. FRP cable ducts are also non-conductive, providing optimal safety for electrical cables. FRP can be easily modified on site for any variations, without the need for any hot works permit. 

The significance of incorporating durable cable ducts should not be underestimated. They maintain the integrity of cable management systems and enhance safety, but they also provide businesses with long-term cost-effective solutions. Treadwell’s ExDuro™ FRP Cable Ducts offer a practical way to achieve these benefits.  

Corroded metal cable tray and cover at an industrial site.

Corroded metal cable ducting in a public carpark – Glenelg, South Australia. 

Key features of EXduro™ FRP Cable Ducts

Treadwell’s FRP cable ducts systems boast being lightweight, fireproof, and resistant to corrosion, chemicals and UV exposure, making them a durable choice compared to traditional duct systems. They are also available with flat or peaked covers, depending on the application. Peaked covers are the optimal choice if water is a concern, as it allows water to simply run off. 

It is crucial to emphasise that Treadwell’s EXduro™ FRP Cable Ducts adhere to internal quality assurance standards, ensuring reliability and compliance with industry codes and regulations. 

Upgrading to EXduro™ FRP Cable Ducts represents a strategic leap towards efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Treadwell’s dedication to innovation guarantees that FRP solutions not only meet but surpass the expectations of industries navigating challenging environments. 

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