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Mangles Bay

Mangles Bay

Rockingham, WA – Situated on Point Peron Road, overlooking Cockburn Sound in Western Australia, the Mangles Bay Fishing Club has been the go-to location for fishing enthusiasts since 1973. Once known as the ‘Marchant House,’ which translates to ‘a house of fishermen,’ this fishing spot has welcomed members ranging from professional to beginner anglers around the Peron area, offering a safe and accessible fishing haven.

Recently, the club underwent significant upgrades to its facilities, including the construction of a new jetty. As part of this upgrade, Treadwell was engaged by Italia Stone to supply the FRP grating and wave action fasteners needed for the new jetties.

Project Challenges

  • Installation was subject to weather conditions.
  • The structure, being surrounded by large bodies of water, must be able to withstand the strong impact of waves or high tides.
  • Structure needed to withstand corrosion, UV exposure and other environmental challenges.

Project Information

Project Category: Recreational Public Infrastructure
Scope of Work: Supply FRP grating and wave zone fasteners
Treadwell Products :

  • EX-Series® GratEX® FRP Mini Mesh Grating
  • EX-Series® StormChief® Wave Zone Fasteners

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