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Our Product

NEPA Rosanna Station Walkway

NEPA Rosanna Station Walkway

As part of the rail infrastructure project in Victoria, a brand-new Rosanna rail station was constructed. Built over six weeks, with around 1,000 people working around the clock, this station was operational months ahead of schedule. As a result of this new station, traffic bottlenecks have been greatly reduced, and motorists have been able to travel freely and safely.

Treadwell was engaged to provide the FRP panels used in the passenger walkways and platforms

Project Challenges

  • Selected material had to maintain anti-slip properties regardless of weather conditions, for user safety.
  • The decking panels had to be easily removed, to access the covered infrastructure for maintenance requirements. 
  • Selected material had to be able to handle high weight loading to accommodate heavy foot traffic.

Project Information

Project Category: Rail Infrastructure
Scope of Work: Supply FRP decking
Treadwell Products :

  • ArchitEX™ FRP TreadSLAB® panels

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