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Solar Salt Production Site Winch Tower & Bridge

Solar Salt Production Site Winch Tower & Bridge

Particular attention had to be paid to the extremely corrosive environment the winch tower would sit in – this meant that the majority of conventional materials would be eliminated for selection.

Our client’s engineering team worked in close conjunction with our FRP design and development personnel throughout the whole project to build a lightweight, corrosion resistant and cyclone rated structure that was capable of supporting a heavy duty winch with a S.W.L. of 5 tonnes. The resulting construction consisted of all members made of fibreglass, joined together using 316 grade stainless steel bracketry.

As it was necessary to have personnel access on the winch, a bridge section was developed to span the 7 metres between a bank of earth and the tower. GratEX® was used to make certain that all personnel accessing the tower would enjoy safe and secure footing in conjunction with RailE® , Treadwell’s FRP hand railing system.

The structure was fully trial assembled and then partly dismantled and packed into modules to be delivered on time in full.

Project Information

Project Category: ArchitEX™ structure
Scope of Work: Winch tower at solar salt production facility
Treadwell Products :

  • ArchitEX™ FRP Structural Profiles
  • EX-Series® GratEX® FRP Square Mesh Grating
  • EX-Seires® RailEX® ROUND FRP Handrail

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