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Our Product


Operation Initiatives

Policies and strategies on how business is conducted at Treadwell takes into consideration the overall environmental impact in our offices and factory. In efforts to reduce our usage of water, fleet consumption, contribution to waste and energy usage and more, conservation improvements are already underway on our sites.

Some of them include:

  • Training our people with best practices
  • Energy monitoring systems across operations
  • Supply chain planning to ensure more efficient global and regional purchasing
  • Increasing our waste recycled
  • Embracing new technologies
  • Personal and work supplies reduction
  • Increasing of waste reused
  • LED sensor lighting
  • Rag disposal reduction
  • Cleaning solvent usage reduction
  • Exploring renewable energy opportunities
  • Optimising the fuel we use
  • Maintaining and replacing inefficient or redundant equipment

We are constantly aiming to reduce the usage of energy, landfill capacities, solvents, etc. as well as to lower the production of wastes, emissions, and scrap.

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