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Our Product


GratEX® FRP HygiGR8® Treads in Food Processing Plants

When a food processing company took the crucial step of extending their operations and profitability by installing a new fruit portion cup processing line, they needed stairway and walkway systems to facilitate this.

Our client also wanted to solve the problem regarding hygiene issues with the material of choice. Treadwell was ready with the perfect solution. GratEX® FRP Hygi-GR8® had already proved its worth in similar types of application and certainly, it was the obvious solution for our client.

Our Hygi-GR8® system is designed in a manner such that it can lower the possibility of falling objects onto brackets or support members. Each Hygi-GR8® panels is carefully laid out with a solid top section. We can also customise the width of this section according to the client’s need. The solid section stays around the edge of the panel. As a result, the beams that make the substructure are covered with the solid band.

The installation design was finally completed when the Hygi-GR8® Tread Kits were installed successfully on all the stairways. Hygi-GR8® Tread follows the same fundamentals in order to acquire the maximum flexibility for a large range of applications and to meet hygiene standards.

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