Our Product

Our Product


GridEX® FRP stair treads on boarding gates.

A leading airline in Australia, Qantas, sought an alternative boarding gate solution which needed to be light weight and aesthetically pleasing.


Treadwell Group offers FRP solution for substation switch tower.

When approached to provide materials for a switch tower platform, it was easy to satisfy design considerations presented at the onset of the project.

FRP profiles at train station at Glenfield Junction.

The ArchitEX™ FRP channels provided assures reliability of Glenfield station’s track system as well as being compatible for that modern look.


GridEX® ensures longevity on an existing bridge.

Treadwell continues to offer the benefits of FRP to the transportation infrastructure market with the refurbishment.

Turnkey FRP Platform for Sydney Trains.

A durable, anti-slip and corrosion resistant turnkey FRP platform designed for Sydney trains with the use of Treadwell's FRP grating and handrails.

Non-conductive FRP grating for electrical station.

Treadwell offered non-conductive and RF transparent RailEX® ROUND safety handrails and fibreglass grating at an electrical station.
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