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Frp Pultrusions Used To Build Winch Tower

To minimise the issues associated in a corrosive environment and to ensure that specified weight restrictions were not exceeded, ArchitEX™ FRP beams and box sections were specified. The structures had to meet the stringent structural requirements associated with the cyclone prone regions along the west coast of Australia as well.

The Treadwell design and development team worked closely with the client’s engineering support team to design and build a corrosion resistant, light weight and cyclone rated structure that was adequate to perform support of a heavy duty winch with a S.W.L of 5 tonnes. The result was a full FRP platform joined together with 316 stainless steel bracketry.

As personal access on the winch was necessary, a bridge was built to cover about 7 metres between the tower and the bank of earth. The solutions offered through GratEX® FRP grating and RailEX®FRP handrails were the backbone in securing safe footing and access across to the platform.

The entire structure was completely assembled for a trial run and then cautiously dismantled so that they can be packed in proper modules and then delivered without any hassle.

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