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Our Product


Solid top pedestrian bridge across Cooks River

The Cooks River, a tributary of Botany Bay located in south eastern Sydney in Australia, is a semi-mature tide dominated drowned valley estuary. A pedestrian bridge which required to span across a length of an existing road was specified within the metropolitan region (which include much recreational areas).

For this purpose of achieving a long span for pedestrian use, Treadwell proposed GratEX°® Solid Surface to accomplish this feat.


As the site was located an existent road, there were several challenges posed such as heavy traffic, ease of handling the product onsite, as well as environmental concerns.

Fortunately, FRP is light weight and easily installed. The situation called for the grating prefabricated with minor amendments carried out on site with simple tools. Treadwell’s FRP grating does not impact the environment as well as it is non-reactive. In addition, the product is non-corrosive in nature and requires minimal resistance, Treadwell’s GratEX® Solid Surface was well suited for the application.

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