Our Product

Our Product


GratEX® viewing platform and boardwalk decking with zero maintenance

GratEX® offers zero maintenance homologous boardwalk decking products. The product is ideal to install in the natural landscape because it has the ability to fit with the feature of the land. The surface of the boardwalk is made of FRP. As a result, it provides a secure and safe anti-slipping foot grip solution.

The installation process of GratEX® is economical and simple when it is contrasting intelligently with steel beams. Fibreglass panels are light in weight and we are also able to cut and deliver it in any size or shape in order to solve clients’ need. GratEX® boardwalks can also be easily fitted in anywhere or in any place. We have our own experienced fabrication team that backup our in-house drafting and engineering service team. FRP gratings can be securely joined by using different 316 stainless steel M-Clips.

Treadwell has the ability to meet any of the public infrastructure situational requirements. Fibreglass grating products are available in any desired color or in any shape. The product is also known for its long working life. The pigmentation process of the product is also supported with a polyurethane coating that offers protection from corrosion or any weather condition.

FRP mesh products of GratEX® are designed in a manner so that it can achieve zero maintenance long working life. If you have requirement of GratEX® or any other Treadwell’s products, feel free to contact us.

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