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Our Product


GridEX® FRP stair treads on boarding gates

Generally, the stair treads used in the construction of boarding gates are manufactured using pre-cast concrete and it remains an extremely costly and bulky option. A leading airline in Australia, Qantas, sought an alternative solution which needed to be light weight and aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the solution should not be an expensive affair. For this, they turned to an architectural designing firm and who, in turn, reached out to Treadwell.

The experienced and well-trained team of Treadwell is adapted to take on to new projects with fresh challenges. Consequently, we accepted proposed a solution that was safe (with anti-slip features), light in weight, aesthetically appealing, weather resistant and robust enough to replace the traditional concrete system. The team decided to use FRP pultruded grating as a substrate because of its excellent ability to span 1500mm wide.

The team advanced a unique hybrid product which integrated StairSAFE® and DeckSAFE® moulded into the GridEX® substrate. This combination was extremely light weight as compared to the concrete alternative, installers found it an easier task and lowered the risks involved with heavier products. In addition, Qantas found it to be a cost saving as intended.

The product developed was coated with grey polyurethane to maximize weather resistance that included an evident yellow nosing. The hybrid solution for Qantas was then set to provide a lengthy maintenance free design life.

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